A & Y is capable of installing and servicing virtually every type of system in the market today including, but not limited to:

Teknion Kimball Geiger
Steelcase Herman Miller FCI
Westinghouse Knoll Hayworth
Gunlocke Pleion Allea
Sunarhauserman Trendway Halcon
HON Creative Wood
Storage Warehousing:
A & Y also provides storage warehousing for our customers!  Upon arrival of furniture, we inspect touch up and clean the furniture before it is put away. All our furniture is pictured, wrapped, palletized and place into bays on our 16 foot high racks. Chairs and sofas are also cleaned with our professional cleaning machines and then bagged and stored in their respective bays. We store everything from artwork, accessories, appliances, signs, desks, tables, cabinets, electronic equipment, appliances, etc...
Cleaning of Modular Systems Furniture:
Our state of the art cleaning machines can remove just about any stain that you can think of. We provide on site cleaning (preferably after hours) of fabric panels and seating.

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